Effective Tips to Get Google AdSense Approval in 2023

Effective Tips to Get Google AdSense Approval in 2023

Many of you start blogging with the aim of monetizing your blog with the approval of Google Adsense, and many are unable to do it here. What are all the aspects you need to focus on to get AdSense approval in 2023?

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Although you can create a blog and earn money from it, it depends on your skills. The highest earning platform is google adsense because this platform is one of the best, here you are given CPC on clicks and impressions and money is deposited in your account. Google AdSense is still the number one among the advertisement providing companies.

But day by day getting google adsense has become very difficult for small mistakes you can be deprived of adsense.

What you need to do to get Google AdSense approval ?

To get google adsense approval you have to fulfill several conditions which I have given below with detailed information.

Creating unique articles: You will choose any topic and write articles depending on it like health may be technical, cooking may be education, depending on all these topics you must write articles then you will keep such posts. Which are rarely seen or present on Google.

Creating five important pages: To get Google AdSense approval you need to first create the pages that are important to connect Google with Blogger and sign your contract with your digital media.

  1. About us
  2. Contact us
  3. Privacy Policy
  4. Term and Conditions
  5. Sitemap
Without these pages you will never get approval if you apply for adsense it is 100% guarantee so you must keep in mind these pages you must create to get adsense approval

Using mobile friendly themes ?

So friends, you have to focus on this aspect, for the amount of articles you are writing, you have to use a theme that is beautiful and fully customizing, which is mobile friendly, that is, mobile and computer where your articles will be displayed beautifully, you have to choose this theme. You can get various premium themes from Google or you can use any free theme but arranged beautifully

Using https using ssl?

If you have purchased a new domain, be sure to generate you SSL certificate to keep your domain safe and secure.

How old should the domain be for AdSense Approval?
If you are thinking about ad friend approval then I will tell you that if you buy a new domain you have to apply for adsense after six to seven months write as many articles as you can then you might get adsense app faster.

Avoiding copyrighted material ?

The thing you need to keep in mind to get AdSense approval is that no copyright system can be used if you are using an image that you have downloaded from somewhere, do not use it as much as possible.

So friends, if you follow all these aspects and start writing articles in a unique amount, then surely I hope you will get 1000% google adsense approval easily and friends, if you like our article, you must comment in the comment box. Thank you so much for reading this article today