What is Gmail and the rules for using Gmail?

What is Gmail and the rules for using Gmail?

The word email means electronic mail currently Gmail is used as the only means of exchanging letters in this digital age. Exchange of letters through computer laptop mobile etc for email is done with its help. Nowadays exchanging letters through email has become very advanced. All the tasks that are done through email are discussed below –

  1. Email Sent Another Divice
  2. JPG, PNG, Webpage, Sent
  3. PDF Share
  4. Documents Shearing
  5. Personal File Share
  6. HTML Project Sharing ETC
You can easily do all these tasks through email. Email is very important in this digital age, if you want to open any site, know how to open an account on Facebook, connect your Gmail with any app, then you will definitely need a Gmail ID and with this Gmail ID you can do all the work that is official. Whether official or not, you can do all the work through Gmail. Nowadays all information is shared through this Gmail instead of letter but you must do some careful settings to create a Gmail ID. Otherwise, your Gmail ID may be stolen.

Use of email : The present age is the age of internet. Another age has started with the internet that any work is done using the internet. By using this email we can send all our data documents etc. to our specified address in no time.

Is this email account useful ?

At this time, the office court, school or college is sharing information about the use of e-mail-
  1. To open a new Facebook account, you need to use email
  2. To buy a new phone you need to register it by email and activate the phone
  3. If you want to chat with someone, but you can send him a request by email. Chat is possible
  4. If you want to install any app then you need to open account on Play Store using Gmail
  5. gmail is used to open a new youtube channel
  6. You can start a new blogger website by Gmail and earn money by sharing content there
So I hope friends, now you may be able to connect to the Internet and use Gmail in some cases, that is, you have got a proper idea about the use of Gmail.

What are the benefits of using Gmail ?
There are several advantages of using email in modern age, they are mentioned below which you must check if you use email.
  1. By using email, you can quickly deliver your message anywhere in the world in seconds
  2. You can create a youtube channel with a Gmail ID and earn with it. Of course, you can subscribe to any content of your choice and use the email to keep its notifications on.
  3. Using Gmail you can connect Drive and get 10GB Storage from there where you can save all your photo files video audio
  4. If email ID is linked with your Facebook, your Facebook will not be stolen easily, that means your Facebook account will be completely secure.
Hope friends, now you have understood that in some cases the use of Gmail is more. If you want to know more details about Gmail then definitely follow our website and comment.