In today we will discuss what to do to stay healthy

Follow these 10 rules to stay healthy-

Every person in the world wants to live a healthy life. One of the natural rules for wellness. Health depends largely on our daily lifestyle. So doctors recommend a healthy lifestyle to stay healthyAdvises to build. Living a healthy life is not that difficult if you follow some simple rules.

Let's know 10 rules to stay healthy today-

Benefits of waking up early:-

Morning weather is especially beneficial for our body. We all know this. Most studies have shown that people who wake up early in the morning have several times more bone health than those who don't. Early morning air is less polluted and contains more oxygen. Moreover, you will see that if we wake up early in the morning, our work speed increases throughout the day. As a result, there is no problem in completing our physical processes. Not only that, you will see that there is no alternative to waking up early in the morning to keep our mind healthy and functional. You will see the teachers of the University of Texas in the United States conduct a study of students waking up this early in the morning. For whom you will see that these students are very talented compared to the rest of the students. This habit must be followed to stay healthy.

Benefits of exercise :-  We all know the benefits of exercise for our body. You will see that doctors recommend exercise to keep us healthy and give special importance to it. See how important it is to maintain our body weight if we want to stay healthy. Because if our body weight increases or decreases, both are harmful. So exercise is very important to keep our weight under control. And there is no better way. It is best that you make a habit of walking first thing in the morning. Many people can't walk in the morning due to short time. Brother, you can exercise for 30 to 45 minutes at any time of the day.

Start the day with prayer :- It is very important to pray to our creator every day to keep our mind and body healthy. If we start the day with prayer our physical performance will increase. But prayer sanctifies our minds and increases our enthusiasm for good works. Moreover, you will find that praying to the Creator relieves mental depression and thereby reduces the possibility of many physical ailments. Remember that we see this world by the grace of this creator. So if we want to get well for this then pray regularly everyday because there is no alternative.

Pay attention to healthy eating habits:-To stay healthy, we must first develop healthy eating habits. Every day basically our body meets all kinds of needs from food. Include carbohydrates and proteins as well as vegetables and fruits in our daily food list. Vegetables and fruits contain vitamins to keep our body healthy. Try to avoid outside food as much as possible as most of the diseases are caused by outside food. Smoking and drugs are very harmful to our health. If we want to stay healthy, we have to give up these things.

Drinking water is essential for health:- Water plays an immense role in every part of our body. Our body needs water especially to meet the needs of minerals. Not drinking water for a long time can lead to more complex diseases starting from liver problems. So to stay healthy you need to drink water regularly. Generally you should drink 8 to 12 glasses or two and a half to three liters of water per day.

Full sleep is also required to stay healthy:- Every day our body consumes a lot of calories. Which can never be filled with food. Sleep is also called our body's rec heavy system. And moderate sleep helps reduce your stress. Reduces the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. As we work all day long, the brain gets tired. During sleep, these deficits in the brain are gradually filled. This is why seven to eight hours of good sleep daily is very important.

Must be clean now:- We must stay clean to stay away from disease. Wash hands thoroughly with soap before or after eating. The clothes used daily and the house should be kept clean, but to stay healthy, not only the house or clothes should be kept clean, but also the surroundings of the house should be kept clean. Again, not littering the streets is a good citizen's moral duty. As long as our surroundings remain clean, the level of environmental pollution will also decrease.

Stay Mentally Well :- Keeping ourselves happy is also very important if we want to stay healthy. Because mind and body are also deeply related. You will see that if our mind is not good, the body also becomes bad. In order to keep ourselves mentally healthy, we need to take some time out for entertainment in addition to work. But we have to be careful not all entertainment is healthy entertainment. Healthy recreation means reading books traveling playing sports also spending time watching TV or computer educational programs or brain teasers. But it is important to spend quality time with our family and stay healthy. And entertainment that keeps your mind happy is called healthy entertainment.

You should do yoga or meditation to stay healthy:-  Meditation and yoga are beneficial for our health. If you meditate regularly, the nerves are relaxed and stress is reduced. There is no substitute for meditation to increase interest in any activity that controls our mind. And on the other hand yoga exercise is a natural way that can help us live a healthy life for a long time. Yoga helps to keep the organs in our body moving and functional. So we must focus on meditation and yoga to stay healthy.

  If you follow these ten rules, I hope you can stay healthy.