How was the Titanic ship built?

  How was the Titanic ship built?

 The dream ship Titanic is connected with our emotions and our love. There have been thousands of shipwrecks in the world till date but we still could not forget this one shipwreck. Thinking about the tragic accident that happened 120 years ago today still gives me goosebumps. One boasted that the ship was so big it would never enter. Maybe God punished that pride. But do you know how the dream ship Titanic was built? Brother, was this huge ship launched into the sea? Twenty years ago at this time, there was no bigger ship than the Titanic. This time technology was not so advanced. From the beginning of the construction of the Titanic on the phone, obstacles began to appear in front of it. And because the ship was so big, it was a big challenge for the engineers. Today we will know a wonderful history of the construction of the Titanic, how the Titanic was built.

 How was the Titanic built?

 The time was 1909, a big shipping company in England, the White Star Line, decided to build a huge passenger ship. And their ship will travel regularly from London to America. At that time there were not so many luxury ships, so people were very curious about this ship.

 Who designed the Titanic ship?

However, a perfect design was needed for this huge ship. At that time, Alexander Carr Lisle designed the Titanic. But after a few days Thomas & Dress handled this design work. He was an architect. And let us inform you that this architect Thomas & Dress was present on the ship during the Titanic ship accident. Now when he is urged to go for life vote he refuses. And he then sank with the Titanic. After the ship's design was finalized, Herland & Wolff, an Irish company, was entrusted with its construction.

 Where are the ships built? Where did the construction of the Titanic ship begin?

And you must know that ships are built in seaports. So that it can be easily lowered into the water. But at that time there was no dock to build such a huge ship. Two teams are brought together to build this ship. And that new rocket Thomson began working on the Titanic. On March 31, 1909, construction of the Titanic officially began. Orland & Old Company called this project Project Four Zero One. Since at that time there was not such advanced machinery as it is today, workers were the first hope. About 15 thousand workers were involved in the construction of this huge ship. About 30 lakh nuts of bolts were used to build the ship. And the engine it used was steam driven. After nearly two years, in May 1911, construction of the Titanic was completed.

 How long and how wide was the Titanic ship?

 The ship was then 882 feet long. And the height was 175 feet and the width was 92 feet. And you can guess how much Titanic was in great shape by reading these articles. If the Titanic had been erected vertically, it would have been the tallest man-made structure in 1912. But still the interior design remained. And the huge marks that can be seen on the Titanic's ship were not yet installed. But before that, the engineers wanted to see what would happen if the ship landed in the water. Similarly, on May 31, 1911, the ship was launched for the first time. But launching such a huge ship was a challenging task. Because the weight of the ship was about 24 thousand tons. It is said that at that time the ship was lowered into the water by sliding. And at that time, sliding was done to make the ship easier to launch. And 22 tons of slippery substance like soap was given to make it easier to slide. And when the ship successfully floats, it is brought back to the dock. And its interior design work is started. And since then, the design of the Titanic began with four. Which will go to New York from South Hamtam on the first journey. And to witness the maiden voyage of such a big ship, many people were eager to board this ship. As a result, tickets are sold out very quickly. There were three types of passenger classes inside the Titanic.

 What things were comfortable for the adults inside the Titanic ship?

First of all was the first class which was stocked with all the amenities for the luxurious people of the day. Like swimming pool, gym, Turkish bath house, cafe in a word it was paradise for rich people. After the ship was built, its weight stood at fifty-two thousand tons. However, a huge and powerful engineer was needed to run this huge ship. There were 29 boilers inside to power the Titanic. and 139 furnished for burning coal. A large amount of coal was required to run the engine. Titanic needed about 825 tons of coal for one day's journey. Every day 186 workers filled the ship's furniture with coal which was very difficult work. Scientists have calculated that a day's worth of coal to power the Titanic could power London for a year. The ship was built to carry a maximum of 3,300 passengers. And because the ship was so big, everyone thought that this ship would never come in. And that's why less number of live votes were engaged in than the number of passengers.

 In what year did the Titanic make its first and last voyage?

 However, on April 10, 1912, he started his first and last journey from Southampton, England to his destination New York. And you all know what happened next. At that time the number of passengers of Titanic was 2246 people. Within about five days of the start of the journey. On the night of April 15, the Titanic struck an iceberg, which is said to have caused extensive damage to the bottom of the Titanic. And suddenly the cold water of the sea entered it. Scientists believe that the part of the ship itself that caused the damage was that the nut bolts used on the Titanic were of poor quality. Bata was not properly welded. And this is exactly why the ice shock caused a big hole in the bottom of the Titanic. A total of 700 of the passengers who were present inside the Titanic during its own major accident survived. And the remaining 1500 passengers drowned in the cold waters of the Atlantic. Even today, this ship lies almost three kilometers deep in the sea.